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Wringin Lawang Temple

Well, having read a little story about Majapahit, you must be curious about the archeological sites of Majapahit. First of all I want to show you the map of Archeological sites of Majapahit in Trowulan.

OK, our first trip is Candi Wringin Lawang. Why should it be the first???? Because some people believe that Candi Wringin Lawang was the gate to the complex of Majapahit Kingdom.
Candi Wringin Lawang is located in Dukuh Wringin Lawang, Desa Jati Pasar, Trowulan, Mojokerto. It is called Wringin Lawang because there was a big tree called Beringin or Wringin (Javanese language) near the temple. And Lawang which is mean door.

Wringin Lawang’s shape is divided gate without roof (Bentar Temple). Bentar temple usually is used as the main gate from a certain complex. So that’s why some people believe that Wringin Lawang Temple was the main gate to the complex of Majapahit Kingdom.

Wringin Lawang have had many restorations which was executed from 1991 - 1995. This gate was built from brick. The foundation of this gate is square with its size 13 x 11.50 m. Before restoration, the north gate was still stand upright with 15.50 m high and the south gate only left about 9 m high. The space between these two gates is wide enough. There is nothing special in its wall such as relief.

Now after many restorations, Wringin Lawang stands upright. We can enjoy and admire the archaeological remains of Majapahit which was the biggest Kingdom in Indonesia.

Having interest to see it directly????, just come to Trowulan Mojokerto
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